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I have loved using this website as a convenient outlet to not only share my own work, but to look at the works of other artists and connect with them. Exposure from this site has allowed me to quit my day job and use my art as my full time job. Being artist of the month would be a huge next step in my career as an artist!

A lot of my work is experimental, as I'm still trying to develop my own style and motivations. Up until now, most of my pieces have been animals or still life. My goal for this upcoming semester (and my last semester before graduation!) is to perfect portraiture and architecture paintings. I do love simplicity and solace in my work, though. Not quite sad or isolated, but comfortable in itself- not needing extreme detail, intricate backgrounds, or unnecessary excitement. It is what it is.

I joined College Collections as a way to meet other artists and share some of my own work. I love getting feedback -whether positive or negative- and hearing what other artists think I could do better or what I should be doing more of!

I have been into arts my whole life. I primarily focused on music when I was younger and even attended a performing arts high school for piano. It wasn't really until senior year of high school when I decided to try selling a few paintings that I had done for fun. In the last few years, I've not only begun to take my art much more seriously and work hard at progressing and increasing my talents, but I have turned it into my career. I moved to Pittsburgh for college and discovered a community of local artists and musicians that have not only inspired and motivated me, but worked closely with me in improving and perfecting my art.

Devon Schroyer