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Marissa Islas-Chavarria

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I am a collegiate student majoring in Studio Arts.

At a young age, my mom placed me in art classes after I showed an interest in doodling and sketching.

Since then, I have found peace, self-love and understanding. Through art, I have found great joy and it is a love that I cannot get enough of.

My favorite mediums are oil paint, alcohol markers and ink.

A lot of my inspirations come from what I am feeling in the moment. I have been influenced greatly by Wayne Thiebaud's colorful work, as well as art from Vera Molnar, Francois Moellet, among many others.

I joined College Collections to share and network with other artists. I feel that it is absolutely invaluable and and impartial to learn and thrive from one another.

One of my greatest achievements as an artist is having had several of my pieces on display in my campus Art Gallery.

My goal for the future is to live solely off of steady income from art that I have created and shared. I plan on using art to help make a difference in the world by utilizing the available platform to help raise awareness on animal rights and the environment. Art has always been a big part of my life and one of my goals is to have it be a big part of my future family's.

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