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Tattoo Artist. I work in many different mediums including Acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal, graphite, ink, oil pastel, chalk, and more!

I am based in Worcester Massachusetts, and am a student at Salem State University!

Thank you for checking out my Art!

Instagram: @slupo_tattoo
Redbubble: @Slupo2017

I have been creating all my life, I mostly get inspiration from color!


I love the basis of this company and I am happy to support it, any way to get artists sharing is great!

I am very proudly a recently licensed tattoo artist and I hope to eventually own my own art gallery!

Sara Lupo

  • "Okay" Fabric Face Mask
    "Okay" Fabric Face Mask
    Sara Lupo

    "Okay" Fabric Face Mask


    Add an extra layer of protection with a personalized touch. These reusable cloth face masks made of 100% Polyester provide a physical barrier aroun...

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