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"Seeking Inspiration Through Boredom" 12 x 16" Original Print and Frame


This Piece was Displayed at Zahn Gallery in Westbrook Connecticut.  Artwork by Philipp Weis of Marburg Germany.  Custom Frame by Wall Street Gallery Madison, CT.

Below is a note from the Artist Philip about his work. 

"My art style is about the abstraction of portraits, about detail amorousness and dynamic forms and lines. My pursuit is a combination of elements like cubism and surrealism. I don´t use the faces I draw to portray emotion in a direct way, but rather through my expressionistic colors, contrasts, and forms. I challenge myself not to use the same scheme as rare as possible, but to experiment.

On the one side, my intent is often to overwhelm the viewer with details but also to calm him as he looks at it longer and longer. I use a black liner and watercolors for my artworks. In addition, I digitize my artworks to edit them further. The printed version has to be seen as the final version. The size of my prints is 12x 16in.

I have my own interpretation for every artwork but I have made the experience that other people have usually a totally different interpretation. That is why I would like to give the viewers nothing more than the title so they can figure out a meaning for themselves."